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Renal dosing
Alice Tseng
University of Toronto, Canada

Dr. Alice Tseng is a Pharmacotherapy Specialist at the Immunodeficiency Clinic, Toronto General Hospital and Associate Professor with the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto.  She has published extensively on drug interactions and adverse reactions, and is a Chief Editor of a website/mobile app on HIV and hepatitis C pharmacology and drug interactions ( 

Dr. Alice Tseng is a co-founder of the Ontario HIV Pharmacists Specialty Group and the Canadian HIV and Viral Hepatitis Pharmacists Network.  She is a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists and is credentialed as an HIV Pharmacist through the American Academy of HIV Medicine.  Her research interests include drug interactions, pharmacokinetics and polypharmacy in the aging HIV population.  Dr. Tseng is a recipient of the Hall of Distinction Alumni Award (2020) from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, recognizing her significant achievements in the profession of pharmacy, and recipient of the 2022 Arbor Award, in recognition of outstanding volunteer service to the University of Toronto.

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