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Liverpool Drug Interactions Group – About Us


Around 37 million individuals worldwide are living with HIV and although advances in therapy have yielded effective regimens, individual antiretroviral drugs are amongst the most therapeutically risky for drug-drug interactions (DDIs). This presents a significant risk to patients and a challenge for health care providers to ensure safe and appropriate prescribing. In order to address this, the Liverpool Drug Interactions Group was established in 1999 by members of the Department of Pharmacology at the University of Liverpool. For over 20 years, the Liverpool Drug Interactions Group has been developing and maintaining world-leading drug interaction resources, promoting the safe prescribing of HIV treatment worldwide.


We strongly believe that drug information should be offered free of charge, be independent, and be evidence-based and transparent. We have an international Editorial Board with strong patient and user involvement. We are convinced that quality of care is vitally important, particularly in resource-limited countries where health systems may be weak or fragmented, patient monitoring sparse, and where patient harms from DDIs may pass unnoticed. We actively promote the use of our Apps to healthcare providers and patients to enable rapid screening of DDIs.

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